Bettortrader Horse Racing Software – Recapping The Spring Carnival

It has been absolutely crazy here for the last 4 weeks. We’ve seen the release of Bettortrader Version 7.0, had our first webinar workshop and can now see the back of the majority of the Spring Carnival. I wish I could have spent more time on here to keep you all up to date on what has been happening but the thing first and foremost on our/my minds has been ensuring all the clients are doing ok with the new update and running smoothly..

The Melbourne Cup was a big surprise for many I’m sure. For those racing enthusiasts amongst us, the Bart Cummings + Blake Shinn + Viewed combination may have been a blip on the radar but for most it was a vague blip at best if not there at all. I was on Zipping myself – in rather a big way. It’s that sort of race. Have a bit of fun and go with your heart.

In saying that though, the second surprise that eventuated out of the final result of the Melbourne Cup, was that the Bettortrader software missed it this year. It has picked the last 3yrs and trifecta in 06 with Delta Blues, Pop Rock and Maybe Better it but couldn’t do it this year.There was very little in the way of fluctuation and very little in the way of unusual money. The pool was just far too big – although not as big as last year which is interesting in itself as there was only one import and it was the tail end of the Equine Influenza outbreak.

Bettortrader7 has performed very nicely over the last few weeks and particularly on the days after the Melb’ Cup such as the Saturday just gone, the 9th November. The result was really quite massive.

Here is a screen shot –

20081109-bt-result2 (Click to enlarge)
I will also catch up with all the latest results for both Bettortrader Version 7.0 since its release and I will also post the outstanding ‘Under The Radar’ selections and results for last few weeks.

There have been failures. People inquiring about the software who have no money is becoming a problem. I think since putting the 1mth guarantee and cool off period on our high quality product and service has led some to believe it is a guarantee of making money overnight and are using the that first month to try and do so with a minimal bank. The guarantee is not one that says one will make 30k in a month. It is to give the new member time to make sure they have made the right choice. The only way to determine if we do all for our clients that we say we do is to buy our software. That is no different from any other company. What is different, is that if all is not as it should be, there is an out for the buyer.

I have just taken some screen shots of our results for the past 18days (takes a while to load the day files to take an image of each day – its now around 3am and i started at 10pm – LOL). There are some dates missing purely because I did not run on those days. They will be Mondays and or Sundays mostly.

I find Saturdays are big enough to be able to take the next couple of days off the computer. Come to me with a $10,000 bank, a pro active approach to life and a sharp mind and the below results are well within reach. This is based on 10% of a $1000 daypool which is compounding. Click on the images to enlarge. You can click again to enlarge further on the next screen.


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