June 2010 Update

July 2, 2010

The year has gone really well for our members thus far. Auto was up and down earlier in the year due to many market conditions out of our control but with some adjusting and back testing we were able to see some good consistency and while the figures are down on last year, for a fully automated system, it sure isn’t a bad result so far.



We have had so many good days trading manually that I dont really know where to start but in answer to the many requests from both members and visitors to the site, our manual results page will soon be finished. The Autumn Carnival was huge! We easily picked first and second in the Group One Coolmore Classic (see image below) with Alverta 1st and Gold Water 2nd and both

Beautiful indications

at huge odds which meant an easy $1000 plus day for most on top of all the others selected for the day and that was only outlaying each way with $10 win bets and $50 places. The members needless to say, are extremely impressed overall and the feedback has been great. To be honest, the satisfaction of the members and the support we get from them is the only reason we are still in this industry.

Several members made it to my 40th from far and wide which was just a few weeks back now. It was a pleasure to have them there and quite flattering to say the least. The above image was given to me by my mother who is very good friends with the well known cartoonist, Roger Fletcher who does Staria and Torkan in the Daily Telegraph. I was most impressed I must say.

We are gearing up for a big carnival at Grafton again and anyone interested in meeting face to face is welcome to join us in our marquee with us and some members no doubt. We will have nibblies and champaign (ahem, sorry France – thats sparkling wine… my mistake LOL) on the stand so just turn up and we will look after you as we did last year of course.

We are now advertising on Sport927 and many would have heard the adverts. Some of our members were happy enough for Sport927 to record some audio testimonials which have been airing each day.

Our major update is well under way now which will include single click betting to some of the corporate bookmakers which means fixed price odds which really excites many of our members who would likem to outlay larger amounts of money and we will also then release our 24/7 betbot for Betfair trading and hopefully all this will be by Spring Carnival time.

It seems we are yet to see results in seeing the company or individual in court who is responsible for the underhanded commercial sabotage meant to harm our business and family lives as seen on Ozripoff but there is a class action under way and some very intersting information has come to light that suggest it is actually owned by another comany in this industry who provides a sports arbitrage product.

Given that I dont want to end up with the shoe on the other foot, I will not mention names here until it is all finalised but at least we have now indentified parties in Australia to answer for the site and that is going to make legal proceedings that much easier.

It hasnt stopped us doing business though much to the dismay of those whose business we take, no doubt. Anyone with any sense can see the unintelligent posts that my four year old could write better, are just a personal attack and wreaks of jealousy and envy.

There is no fact, no figures and all posts are anonymous. The site asks for no verification and no proof at all as to the posters claims and the whole site is abhorent. Looking at some of the other posts where people are accused of being pedophiles, prostitutes and it goes all the way to people like the heads of Westpac and Telstra. We even had one threatening to burn down our house and do things to my wife. Nice!

The one thing that consoles us is that, if we are getting the business then we know people are safe from falling for some of the far less scrupulous operators, have our guarantees to fall back on and would never be sold based on dream selling rubbish but have bought because they saw a great software with great support.

They most likely also spoke to some of our members in their area and can put two and two together and see that for a company to have lasted as long as us, we must be doing something more than right for our members.

A quick Google search for ‘Ozripoff scam’ will show some more info on that site that I wont go into here of course.  Who would dare say they are extortionists and run by a company out of the Gold Coast – a competitor too! And who would have thought they would ask me for US$6,000 to ‘investigate it’. Hmmm, the mind boggles.

A scam that works by pinning people to the wall and then asking for a large some of money to make it all go away. LOL -not from me you wont! I agree that many probably deserve to be on there but I do not agree that people should have to pay one red cent to prove they are innocent nor do I believe people should be allowed to make claims without hard evidence that they speak the truth.

Our focus is on our business and our members however and we find comfort each day seeing them do well and make money by following the rules and keeping it simple. There have been few failures this year and the ones who did really had no business buying in the first place.

I have no time for people who wont do their training and would rather gamble their money away by stabbing in the dark. The service is there to use and it is at a level that is hard to come by. If one wont use it and put in some effort, then why buy it? It just doesn’t make sense but then, common sense isn’t so common these days. We need thinking people. We dont need desperates with no money and no sense.

Anyway, another big Saturday tomorrow so I am off to have my dinner and rest. Last saturday was huge with most making their easy $1000+. Here is my own report for the day. Until next time. Adios.

PS: Another great day today with many members making over $800 on full auto – thats right, unattended. That makes around 2k for the week – just auto betting. Here are some chats from a couple of members and also a quick shot of the group chat… 


Another Sporadic Horse Racing Software Blog Update

March 26, 2010

So much work, so little time and all this social media stuff can really take up a lot of it. We prefer to spend it with our members so p[lease excuse me for the lack of frequent updates to blogs, Twitter, Facebook, smoke signals, carrier pigeons etc etc – LOL!   

Everything has been going really well in BT land. I haven’t posted to this wall since October 2009! OOPS! Well, what has there been…? Ok, Spring Carnival. OMG… what a time for us. The only time that is more profitable or on par with it is the Autumn Carnival which is upon us now of course. To be honest, I actually think it is more profitable overall.  

The Spring Carnival revolves around one big week and in preparation leading up to that week or two before, the money can be just a bit harder to sort out. Melbourne Cup Day saw a MASSIVE profit on auto of just under $2k. One member in Perth pulled the pin a few races before the Melb’ Cup to finish with just over 2k – fully automated. The race just before was a loss which stopped us out with around $1800. Not a bad days work but for those using key indicators to identify standouts, it was just unbelievable. Some made well over 2k, some over 3k and much more but everyone did very well indeed.  

Coolmore Iris Neilsen Day @ Ballina


We have sponsoring more race meetings and become much more involved with our local jockey clubs. In particular, the Ballina Jockey Club and the Clarence River Jockey Club. It’s flattering to say the least, to have passed the ‘acid test’ if you like and be accepted as one of the few above board companies in this industry with a more than viable product to have our name associated with them.  

The amount of educated punters, traders and racing folk in our member base is growing substantially now that they can see that its not the piano as such that matters but how we play it that sets us apart. A well known local bookie for instance is having great fun and showing fantastic results. I must say that as a baby in terms of fundamental racing knowledge ie form, trainers, breeders etc, I feel extremely humbled to be teaching someone who has been in the game for the better part of his life and a bookie for 35yrs or more.  

We put on the Bettortrader Boxing Day Cup which was a treat and having a marque on course for the Coolmore Iris Neilsen Day was more so. Seeing Takeover Target in the flesh and getting to chat with the lovely and most humble Joe Janiak was an honour.   

Auto trading has bitten the dust this year and fortunately, there aren’t that many who rely on it full time. There are many reasons for it no doubt and I wont get into to the lengthy details here but the hot Summer, unusual conditions etc are a part of it all. It is definitely turning back around though which is great and for those adjusting their settings to suit have still done quite well. Its those looking for the Holy Grail ‘set once and leave it forever’ setting that haven’t had a good year on auto.  

In saying that, the standouts have been huge and often at very big odds (its how we play our piano, remember?). Taking last Saturday for example, in Brisbane we backed Growsir, Citywyse and Bavagna to name a few. In Sydney there was Night of the Generals, Masquerader, Alverta, Gold Water and Descardo. In Melbourne Melbourne there was Domesky, Elumino, Fanjura, Electromotive and Morgan Dollar. These are just to name a few for those in the know. All were fantastic value and all taken each way at a 1/5 ratio for the stake. Have a look at the screen shots here and you will see the transaction report from the Bettortrader software and also my actual TAB account for the day. This is only one page but you will get the point no doubt.  


This type of day and the proven live results speak for themselves. Why on Earth anyone would want to spend 10k on a software when they can get results like this for far less with 10 times the support and training is beyond me. It’s a pure case of many thinking that the more they spend, the more they get. In this case, it seems that adage does not ring true.  


The above report shows all transactions made that day on standout selections only. Auto only made $189 after hitting the trailing stop loss. Members manual trading results varied from a few hundred to several thousand depending of course on bet sizes which comes back to bank size and levels of experience which will determine overall confidence to pull the trigger with larger size investments. 


Our office is flying along in Ballina. Why Ballina? Why not? Have you ever been here? Surrounded by water, lots of fishing, low violence, nice schools, plenty of greenery, a skip and a jump to the Gold Coast (if you would ever need or want to which we don’t), lovely friendly people and a real community. What else could one ask for. Growing up in Sydney, I moved to the Northern Rivers in 2000 and I could never go back to the rat race. 


The latest and greatest thing for us has been the addition of regular webinars. I can’t express enough about what this has done for many of our members. Being able to watch, learn and earn all at the same time has now become our biggest point of difference and further shows the transparency of our business and the lengths we go to in order to realize the utmost client satisfaction. You can visit Youtube to see some examples by clicking here.   

Anyway folks, just a wee catch up – insert tongue in cheek here. I trust everyone is having a good year. I’ll try to keep more up to date with things and if anyone has any questions, we are only a phone call away – or if you’re in the area, you can drop in for a cuppa’ (I must remember to get milk). Cheers!

Bettortrader Horse Racing Software – Recapping The Spring Carnival

November 12, 2008

It has been absolutely crazy here for the last 4 weeks. We’ve seen the release of Bettortrader Version 7.0, had our first webinar workshop and can now see the back of the majority of the Spring Carnival. I wish I could have spent more time on here to keep you all up to date on what has been happening but the thing first and foremost on our/my minds has been ensuring all the clients are doing ok with the new update and running smoothly..

The Melbourne Cup was a big surprise for many I’m sure. For those racing enthusiasts amongst us, the Bart Cummings + Blake Shinn + Viewed combination may have been a blip on the radar but for most it was a vague blip at best if not there at all. I was on Zipping myself – in rather a big way. It’s that sort of race. Have a bit of fun and go with your heart.

In saying that though, the second surprise that eventuated out of the final result of the Melbourne Cup, was that the Bettortrader software missed it this year. It has picked the last 3yrs and trifecta in 06 with Delta Blues, Pop Rock and Maybe Better it but couldn’t do it this year.There was very little in the way of fluctuation and very little in the way of unusual money. The pool was just far too big – although not as big as last year which is interesting in itself as there was only one import and it was the tail end of the Equine Influenza outbreak.

Bettortrader7 has performed very nicely over the last few weeks and particularly on the days after the Melb’ Cup such as the Saturday just gone, the 9th November. The result was really quite massive.

Here is a screen shot –

20081109-bt-result2 (Click to enlarge)
I will also catch up with all the latest results for both Bettortrader Version 7.0 since its release and I will also post the outstanding ‘Under The Radar’ selections and results for last few weeks.

There have been failures. People inquiring about the software who have no money is becoming a problem. I think since putting the 1mth guarantee and cool off period on our high quality product and service has led some to believe it is a guarantee of making money overnight and are using the that first month to try and do so with a minimal bank. The guarantee is not one that says one will make 30k in a month. It is to give the new member time to make sure they have made the right choice. The only way to determine if we do all for our clients that we say we do is to buy our software. That is no different from any other company. What is different, is that if all is not as it should be, there is an out for the buyer.

I have just taken some screen shots of our results for the past 18days (takes a while to load the day files to take an image of each day – its now around 3am and i started at 10pm – LOL). There are some dates missing purely because I did not run on those days. They will be Mondays and or Sundays mostly.

I find Saturdays are big enough to be able to take the next couple of days off the computer. Come to me with a $10,000 bank, a pro active approach to life and a sharp mind and the below results are well within reach. This is based on 10% of a $1000 daypool which is compounding. Click on the images to enlarge. You can click again to enlarge further on the next screen.

Under The Radar results – ‘Cox Plate’ day 25thOct08

October 28, 2008

GOLD 1st –  SILVER 2nd – BRONZE 3rd – BLUE 4th


Bettortrader Horse Racing Software Results – Year To Date 22/10/08

October 21, 2008

The image below shows my year to date results. The main types of investment have been a mix of manual and automatic trading with win and place being the most common investment on manual and relying on the automation for multiple type investments using Betlogic.

The main question people ask is how much was the starting bank at the beginning of the year. Although this question is completely understandable, the point is that, each day everyone starts with the same $1000 day pool regardless of the total bank size. It may be the entire bank if only starting with $1000 or it could be a portion thereof.

The changing denominator here, is the percentage of that day pool invested. When using the auto-trade with a bank of $2000 or more, the investment is 10% of that $1000 daypool. This means the first investment would be $100. Being that we are compounding, the subsequent investments are result based. If after 30mins we have accumulated a daypool of $1500 due to $500 profit, our next investment will be $150.

The total risk is whatever our stop loss is set to which in my case is always $295. Conversly, if one was to only start with a $1000 bank, their outlay would be 3% with stop loss, targets and strategies taylored to suit.

We want people to have the best possible chance of attracting the best possible profit so a $1000 bank never really excites us and the results of such would not excite anyone looking to trade full time. Nevertheless, those who are looking to make just enough to top up their weekly income would more than happy with the results and could expect to make around $50 – $100 per day.

So as you can see, the softwares total outlay and return for the year has been self sufficient. The risk each day has been -$295 stop loss followed by a floating 11% stop, with an uncapped target and 10% outlay of a compounding $1000 daypool. To follow on from this, at the end of each day I will post our daily trading results using BTV7 and the above money management rules.


Kevin Riddell

BettorTrader V7 Horse Racing Software Release

October 21, 2008

IT’S A BOY!!….

Well, at least that’s how we feel at BettorTrader after yet another major development and subsequent release of the latest upgrade. You see, our upgrades aren’t just a few more buttons of pretty colours nor are they merely a result of opening a new company and putting a new face on the program.

In fact the software, for all intents and purposes, looks exactly as it has done for last year and in some areas such as the live win pool updates, looks as it has done since 2004.

So what is new, you may ask? For the answer to that, you may just have to look at it and for those who have done so in the past, please, feel free to revisit us. Essentially, the majority of changes made are designed to improve the already fantastic strike rate of the automatic trading.

Aesthetically, the software is more than functional and has not been designed to look like something it isn’t. Anyone can design a flashy looking program. The question is, do they work as well as they look?

The many other changes have been made purely to add greater functionality for the end user and make the software even more flexible and user friendly. The results are amazing and as of today, I will be posting the daily results each night so watch this space

BettorTrader Scam Reports

October 13, 2008

We recognise that there have been many horse racing software scams.

We ARE different. We are passionate about the industry and are here to stay.

We have had a gut full of our competitors and other spiteful individuals involved with or working for them. We are now offering an $5000 cash reward for information leading to the identity of the company or individuals making posts designed to damage the reputation of BettorTrader.

We are being Harassed.

We constantly receive fake emails and often find we have been talking to and then demonstrating our software to one of our competitors. Why? They quite simply want what we have. We had threats from one company and one of the sales people working for them which was taken to police and a formal complaint lodged, with that company being contacted by them.


Companies selling over-priced, under-performing software on the Gold Coast hate us. Why? Because we don’t lie, we turn people away from the whole industry that we feel it would be a detriment to and that means at times that no one gets the business. 90% of people who have come to us are talking to one of these other companies. We charge under half of most of them and offer 10 times more. This in itself should make things fairly obvious to those who have read the posts in question.

We need your help.

We know someone knows something and we are calling on your good natures and common decency to help get to the bottom of it. We know it is a competitor. The posts are stuffed with keywords to rank highly with Google Adwords. If it means you may lose your job, we will have one for you and you wont be forced to lie either. We don’t have to. Bettortrader is the best there is by far.

Basically we are being “blackmailed”

We receive emails from the sites asking us for money to either remove the posts of add an ‘ok’ to them indicating they have researched us and we come up squeaky clean.

If you don’t believe us call the Department of Fair Trading

If anyone wants to find out if we have any complaints, call the Department Of Fair Trading or the ACCC. 

If you are responsible…

As for those making the posts, please continue. The more you do, the better chance we have of finding you. I know it must be tough competing in this market with a $10,000 plus get rich quick scam against the likes of Bettortrader but if you can’t do so ethically (if you know what that word means) then perhaps you should do something else.

Our Guarantee

Bettortrader has an unconditional 30day money back guarantee and 14day cool off period.

Dispute Resolution

Our internal dispute resolution procedure is robust and the agreements are in plain English with no hidden clauses or conditions. Each member is entitled to have their case heard and in the event would arise that would an issue remains unresolved – which will be never –

External Dispute Resolution

Every consumer in the country is protected by various governing laws and departments enforcing them such as the DFT, ACCC and ASIC.

Do you have a dispute with BettorTrader or any other company?

If someone had a genuine complaint, this would be the first port of call. That is Call Department of Fair Trading in your state.

Real Customers who have complaints DO NOT

They would not most cleverly stuff their posts with keywords for the sole purpose of ranking highly in Google.

They would have gone through the above channels and gotten a refund.

Yes, this is a very niche market and the competition is fierce but surely one does not have to stoop as low as it appears these people have.

I look forward to hearing from people with the relevant information.

Time to regulate?

BTW – We firmly believe it way past time to bring the government into this and seek regulation or even legislation.

We welcome it.

The only people who will suffer will be those who can not comply. Feel free to leave comments.


Kevin Riddell BettorTrader Guaranatee Signature

Kevin Riddell


BettorTrader: The truth about BettorTrader Horse Racing Software by Kevin Riddell

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